June 29, 2018

Why are frameworks important in app development?

Learn how frameworks can be the differential in your mobile development – and what features they bring.

Understand more about the feature that optimizes time, brings security and allows for later updates.

The frameworks are in the most important resource class for developers working with web systems, software, mobile applications, but also preponderant in other applications. They appear as a facilitating tool for the processes and, understanding their relevance, can save a good deal of time.

To learn more, Total Cross Platform, a development tool for your business and mobile solutions expert, brings the reasons why frameworks are important in app development – and what are the most common tools in that process.

Ease to develop

We can first of all point out that frameworks make it easy to develop apps, because like in other applications, their tools make it possible to use already tested code, with few modifications according to the need of the developer – or the company that wants to create a custom app.

In other words, we will have a basic template – like the dialog box that contains login, password, password recovery, among others – and that can be reused again, mainly in the bug fixes or update of the later versions that the develop you want to apply.

In this way, dealing with the architecture of the app is easier for the IT professional who will have, through the framework, the basis to work with later tools – layout and visual part, functions, integration with web resources and, in some cases, translation from the language of operating systems, mainly from Android to iOS (and vice versa).

Advantages at a glance

It’s worth pointing out: each framework, especially those open and already tested by other users and developers, will have its own characteristics – so, in addition to being important, they are fundamental when it comes to more elaborate applications.

Some, like Ormlite, integrated with the SQLite database of Android, facilitate the import of the framework languages. Others, such as UIL (Universal Image Loader), also from the Google operating system, use disk cache or memory to speed up image loading.

And for those who want to ‘uni’ web and mobile in a single framework, allowing the integration of data and application on the desktop or smartphone, you can use hybrid applications through tools with the standard SDK (Software Development Kits) from Ionic.
There are numerous other benefits that support the importance of frameworks in application development. With numerous features, especially open to the community, it is possible to meet the demands of the client and still develop an efficient app for the company without errors.

Frameworks have become paramount

Understanding what is needed for the application you want to develop brings greater productivity, due to less time spent working with the language; security, by tests done by the numerous users and developers who have already worked with the template; and incorporation into non-native features, looking for new features in the app.

This means that most developers, who know the importance of frameworks, use this tool as the basis of the creation, maintenance, and updating process – further expanding the ‘literature’ about the theme, more modern application development methods and, of course, with lower costs and efficiency that technology brings us.

Is that you? Already use frameworks to develop your apps or do you have a company that is looking to create your own application? Leave your opinion in the comments. For those who want to know more about how frameworks can contribute to the development of apps, visit the TotalCross Platform website and understand how our products and services can help you.


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